About the National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO)

NAFO is an organization of private forest owners committed to advancing national policies that promote the economic and environmental benefits of privately-owned forests. NAFO membership encompasses more than 80 million acres of private forestland in 47 states. Working forests in the U.S. support 2.4 million jobs.


NAFO advances the economic and environmental benefits of privately-owned forests through targeted policy advocacy at the national level.


In 2007, 14 private forest owners began discussing the specific and growing advocacy needs of the forest owner community at the federal level. By late 2007, they formed the structure and leadership of NAFO and incorporated in March 2008. NAFO became an operating organization that June under the leadership of founding President and CEO David P. Tenny and its first Chairman Matthew Donegan, Co-President, Forest Capital Partners, LLC.