Marc Brinkmeyer is the Chairman, President and Co-Owner of the Idaho Forest Group, the largest lumber producer in the Intermountain West. In 2008 the Riley Creek Mills merged with Bennett Forest Industries to form Idaho Forest Group. The new venture is the largest lumber producer in the Inter-Mountain West. Marc founded Riley Creek in 1981. He begin his career in public accounting in Portland, Oregon working with medium- and large-size companies including several in the forest products sector. He then became Chief Financial Officer of Brand-S Corporation, a privately owned lumber manufacturing company.

Riley Creek has grown to be the largest lumber producer in Idaho consisting of state of the art production facilities located at Laclede, Chilco and Moyie Springs. The Company also has 65,000 acres of timberland in Washington, Idaho and Montana, cutting rights to 300,000 acres in central Idaho and strategic relationships with other industrial forest land owners.

He is active in many organizations including past Chairman, Western Wood Products Association, past President of the Intermountain Forest Association. He has recently been appointed as a member of the BI-National North American Lumber Council. He also serves on the Board of Trustees of Buena Vista University.