What Are
Working Forests?

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Private Working Forests in your State

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Privately Owned Timberland Acres in Millions, by State
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Working Forests and Tax Reform

Pro-growth economic policies recognize the unique, capital-intensive, long-term nature of growing trees.

Working Forests and Clean Air

Working forests reduce carbon in the atmosphere, keeping our air clean.

Strong markets mitigate forest loss

Demand for wood products keeps markets strong, which protects working forests from conversion to other land uses like development.

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“Next-generation wood products, also known as mass timber, offer exceptional stability and strength, and have made.… https://t.co/3MGNycQwxQ

As seen in The @Tennessean, for many families working #forests are the local economy https://t.co/hEfRdYLi8J

Super-tall skyscraper proposed for Chicago. It’s sustainable because it’s all wood! Take a look in @businessinsider: https://t.co/BrPDkWPK2u

About Nafo

The National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO) is a national advocacy organization committed to advancing federal policies that support the long-term economic, social, and environmental benefits of sustainably managed, privately owned forests.